Thought this was hilarious when I saw it. I’ve always heard about Sauce and Soy sauce and sugar faced, but the others were new to me. 

How to classify a person’s face using condiments. :P

Left to Right (Top to bottom)

1. Soy Sauce Face (Very typical Japanese looking face)
       Ex: Mukai Osamu

2. Sauce Face (Darker stronger features that is not typical Japanese)
       Ex: Abe Hiroshi

3. Salt Face (A delicate (lighter) looking Asian face)
      Ex: Oikawa Mitsuhiro

4. Vinegar Face (Even more delicate (lighter) looking face than salt face)
      Ex: Fujiwara Motoo (Bump of Chicken)

5. Sugar Face (Has child-like features ~ baby faced)
     Ex: Koike Teppei

6. Miso Face (Not as strong and dark as sauce faced)
     Ex: Matsudaira Ken

7. Mayonnaise Face (Not as sweet (baby faced as sugar face))
    Ex: Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)

8. Ketchup Face (A much lighter delicate face than sauce faced)
   Ex: Kaname Jun

9. Olive Oil Face
   Ex: Mokomichi Hayami  

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