Edward VIII was soooooo good. And the revue “Misty Station” was great.

As I had expected ~ I started crying at the end of Act 1. (And it wasn’t even a sad scene.) My eyes just started filling up with tears. 

Then towards the end of the revue the tears just wouldn’t stop. Especially when Kiriyan and Aono Yuki danced alone. T_T

When the show ended, as my friend were getting ready to leave, we noticed so many people were wiping tears. 

So understandable for the “Good Bye Production” T_T

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    Only two months left now. T______T (And gawd, Kiriyan and Marimo look SO married… ok, I guess that’s the point of the...
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    I am tearing up just from photos…
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    Oh gawd ._.
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